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Build a hemp company


Job Location : San Diego, CA, USA

Posted on : Wed, 02 Jan 2019 05:19:15 GMT

Job Description :

Part-time, Temporary, Commission

Hello from Cannalina!

Cannalina Inc, a Hemp company is seeking well mannered self starting sales reps. The Hemp Industry is booming and now is the best time to get in. Cannalina is the home of the original “Chill Stick” a high CBD Hemp Pre-Roll. Our Hemp flowers are all organic and grown in accordance with all Federal, State and Local laws. We use state of the art biodegradable or recyclable packaging in all of our products. Artwork by R. Marx captures the Cannalina spirit and unifies the company image from website to product labels. As a family owned company with our roots in farming, we realized that a commission based structure would be the most effective at crediting individuals for their work. We have developed our 4 Square Sales Program to describe the various ways to represent Cannalina and the % you'll earn. First explore and familiarize yourself with who we are, what we do and our products. If you're a fan, then head over to for more info about our 4 Square Sales Program and if sales for Cannalina sounds good to you sign-up for our sales program Thank you so much for your interest in our company! We look forward to chilling together!

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Commission

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