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Chief Mate

Seaward Services is currently seeking Chief Mate candidates residing in the Jacksonville FL area (within commuting distance).

**For consideration, all applicants must apply to the position as well as copy and paste this link into a new browser window to complete a brief survey: https://www.cindexinc.com/c/6E6B8A

Essential Duties and Functions

  • Supervise actions of Deck department. Responsible to Master for safe stowage of all equipment loaded aboard. Specifically responsible for proper planning, loading, stowage, and discharge of cargo and ship maintenance in a safe and stable condition.
  • Prepare and submit Deck department repair list; ensure all repairs to the hull superstructure and equipment are accomplished; and inspect repairs made by non-organic maintenance personnel.
  • Person-in-charge of emergency response team.
  • Training officer responsible for training of all personnel in their duties for ship replenishment, emergencies, and execution of safe navigational practices.
  • Damage control officer responsible for preparation of station bills, maintenance of fire detection systems, maintenance of firefighting and lifesaving apparatus’.
  • Security officer responsible for force protection, physical security of government property, and security awareness for classified documents and materials.
  • Safety officer responsible for Deck department safety meetings, presenting progress report of safety items and recommendations. Maintain safety library and advise personnel and department heads of current safety procedures and developments.
  • Direct actions of crew in operation of vessel’s weight-handling equipment, anchor tackle, small boats, etc.
  • Assign duties associated with departmental “call-out” (e.g., painting, cleaning, greasing).
  • Stand navigation watch as assigned per operational requirements.

Security Clearance

SECRET security clearance will be required


  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • Must be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Must have a valid United States Passport
  • Acquire and maintain a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

U.S. Coast Guard License/Certificate Requirements

STCW Requirements: Chief Mate Between 500GT and 3000GT. OICNW; Able Seafarer-Deck; RFPNW; PSC; Medical Care Provider; ADV FF; Basic Training; GMDSS Operator; ECDIS; VSO


  • Mental: Ability to determine safe or unsafe conditions. Process calculations occasionally.
  • Physical: Ability to carry materials weighing upwards of 75 lbs.
  • Use of Senses: Observe for safety. Vision correctible to 20/40. Full color vision, no night blindness. Full range of all limbs
  • Environmental: Outside conditions, extreme temperatures. Marine operation subject to varied wake and motion.


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