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Canine Care Worker

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Job Location : United Kingdom, UK

Posted on : 04/03/2021 - Valid Till : 18/03/2021

Job Description :

Title: Canine Care Worker - Trainee

Location: Nationwide

No Experience Needed

Learndirect Careers are offering you the chance to gain your 'Level 3 Diploma in Canine Care, Behaviour & Welfare (RQF) and turn your enthusiasm and interest into one of the most rewarding professions of all time working with animals.

You will gain a wealth of knowledge on;

  • Learn the essentials of canine care

  • Confidently be able to apply the knowledge gained to real-life scenarios

  • Develop or enhance existing skills in canine care, behaviour and welfare

As an animal care worker, you'll:

  • monitor animals' health

  • clean out kennels or cages

  • prepare food and help out at feeding times

  • clean and groom animals

  • look after animals that become ill or distressed

  • answer queries from colleagues and visitors

  • exercisie dogs in a yard or take them for walks

Once you’re qualified, you’ll be able to seek employment in a range of canine care careers. Whether you want to work in the pet care sector or start your own dog walking business.

Take the first step towards a fulfilling new job role by completing this qualification and APPLY now!

Salary : 13000 - 20000

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